SubIce Monday, December 9th, 2002
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Sunday December 8th, 2002

December 8th, A Day to Remember.... posted by Izz at 04:07 EST
To those who know me well enough, you all know December 8th is NOT a good day for me. I don't really have any desire to elaborate, but just know that December 8th will always and forever be a depressing day in my life.

I went to see Emperor's Club last night (We wanted to see 8 Mile but I don't have my fucking ID, gotta get one tommorow >_Dead Poets Society. No, it's not. But parts of it definetly reminded me of Dead Poets Society. I suppose it did relay a good message, in a way. The movie is about a professor who has taught at a private all boys school for 25 and some odd years. He gets called back for a reunion of sorts, to meet with one of his classes again. The majority of the movie is a flashback of this class and what they were like. That's pretty much the entire plot, not too in depth.
In conclusion, if you want to see a good movie about a private all boys school, go rent Dead Poets Society. That is all :)

A box of chocolates? posted by Randy at 12:47 EST
I never really got the saying... "Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what your gonna get." I never really understood it, that is until this past week. I have been handed some random shit this week, and pretty much all of it was bad. I guess im not used to this.

I mean i went out with a girl for a year and a half and she treated me horrible... but never was it this bad. And what makes it all worse, is that i dont really have a clue what i am talkin about. I cant tell anyone what is wrong, because i dont really know. All i know is that something is coming. And i am not gonna like it at all. Im getting that feeling in my stomach that something bad is gonna happen. I dont know. I think i have a pretty good idea what it is, but i have used every wish and prayer i have made in the last week to pray that it doesnt happen. But i still have the feeling. I dont know.

I dont even know what i feel right now. Everything is just soo confusing that i dont even know what i am doing anymore. My ex-girlfriend told me that she wanted me back, and i dont even care. I feel bad because i dont want her... and she treated me like crap. I dont know what is goin on. But it doesnt look like it is gonna get better anytime soon either.

But yeah i am getting ready to go cut down our Christmas Tree... Finally something that could possibly make me happy. But knowing me it will probably die, just like everything else that makes me happy in the world. Talk to you all later.

Saturday December 7th, 2002

cant think of a subject posted by Randy at 09:43 EST
Well, My birthday was yesterday, and i dont really feel older. But who does the day after their birthday. Oh well.

I guess it was pretty good. I went to Katie's house for lunch and then to her house after school till about 5:00. That was all good. Then i got home and my friend Lea called and asked me where i wanted her to take me for dinner. And i said Steak and Shake. So we went there and ate and after that we drove around and talked. We got lost and were trying to find our way back home for an hour. IT WAS SOO FUNNY!

But then i got home and i called Katie and she sounded like mad or something. I dont know. But she was acting really weird and today she was still acting weird. I dont know. She is comin over tonight maybe, but if not then i we are doing something tomorrow. I dont know... i really dont think she wants to be with me anymore. Which sucks, but if she doesnt, im sure she will realize what she did and everything will be fine. But im kinda just hopin that if we are having problems that we will be able to get through it like a normal couple and not break up. I know we would be able to work things out.

But anyway, today i had my Saturday school and it wasnt that bad. I just read the whole time. Then i had practice at 2:00 and after practice i ate at Steak and Shake again. But oh well. I think that is about it. I will post again tomorrow.

Thursday December 5th, 2002

Lets See... posted by Izz at 08:09 EST
Nothing too exciting going on right now. Last night was a fun evening though. There was about an inch or so of standing snow on the ground when I left work. Figuring that it would be safer to go down main roads, I went down 725. So here I am, driving on a road which is completly white. I can't see the median, the lines, NOTHING. Then suddenly I see that I am on the WRONG SIDE OF THE MEDIAN! I look up and there are cars about a mile down, oh yipee. So I speed up, and at the next intersection, I turn to go back onto the main road. It is then I lose complete control of the car, it slides all over the road. So I slam on my brakes and turn into the car. The car does a 180 and the back end flips up onto the median. Then the front end swings around and slams up as well. I recover myself and pull into a parking lot. I call my dad, he freaks out and 40 mins later, after going 20 mph all the way home, I arrive at my house. Overall, it was a learning experience. Althouh it did scare the shit out of me.

I didn't have school this afternoon, because my afternoon school had no school due to snow. However, I had to go in the morning, YAY! Well, I'm off now. Cya!

Wednesday December 4th, 2002

Restatement posted by Randy at 03:13 EST
Just incase none of you got it the first time... i hate my life right now! No im not depressed or suicidal or anything. I am just not likin the way things are goin to much right now.

Apparently at lunch some new stuff arose. Some was good and a lot was bad. I finally found out what was wrong with Katie and that was bad news for me. But i also found out that i dont have anything to worry about from the other person that is part of this problem... He came up to me and told me that, he said he is probably gonna get back with his ex girlfriend sometime soon, Apparently they have been talkin about it. So from what i hear... Katie is gonna be breaking up with me shortly. Happy Birthday Randy! HAHA! yeah that just about the worst present/news i couldve heard. I am good at hiding my feelings so i will be able to act normal. Oh well. Guess Randy just has to deal with it.

I read this quote.

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."

Must be why im not happy right now, because i really dont have all 3. I pretty much only have 2 if not only 1. I dont know. I feel kinda bad always complaining lately on this. And i know many of you probably dont wanna read about my shit. But im sorry. I guess i am gonna go now. Talk to you later.

Uhh... posted by Randy at 01:35 EST
Well i have decided that my life really sucks. I am really not supposed to be happy. Cause ok... my birthday is Friday. And all this shit has happened to me on the week of my birthday.

THE WEEK OF MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Im supposed to have a good week and have fun and not be sad and depressed and pissed off like i have been. My gosh i just want to leave everyone and everything and just runaway. I dont know what that would accomplish... but atleast i would be away from all my stress.

So let me tell you what has happened... first you all know about me getting a Saturday school. Which sucks because i have never had one. Then my dad got pissed at me for not doing something that he asked me to do. And now i really dont think that Katie wants to be with me anymore... atleast that is the impression i am getting at times. But ya know... the first 2 dont really matter much to me. The 3rd one matters to me a great deal. When Katie and I broke up before.. it like killed me, but of course me being myself i cant show that. Just like i cant show it now that it is killing me that all this stuff is happening to me. I dont know what i really did to deserve any of it, but im sorry. Im sorry to anyone that i did something to, to make me deserve this. I dont know what is gonna happen, but yeah all i can do is hope that it comes out the way i want it to and everything will go back to being the way it is supposed to be.

to quote Jerry McGuire "I'll be seeing you all again, Sleep tight!"

Tuesday December 3rd, 2002

Back to school... posted by Ross at 01:17 EST
today, being my first day back to school after almost a week, have been fairly boring. i must say i really wish i was still at home in bed. but u gotta do wat u gotta do.

I guess i had an ok break except for the time in which my stomach felt like it was going to explode. I believe i had some sort of stomach virus that has been goin around. my mom has it and so do my friends parents.
damn gotta go time to do work.

Women... PSH!!! posted by Randy at 01:14 EST
HAHA! Like Andrew says all the time... i have got to believe women are the most confusing thing that has ever come onto this planet. More confusing than puzzles and riddles and shit like that.

I dont understand them sometimes... they tell you something that you think might be a bad thing and then they tell you it is nothing you need to worry about. I dont know if that is just something that they are saying to make you feel better or if you should really not worry about it. In this case im really not worrying about it and i hope that i am right. Oh well, I have a feeling things will get better.

So anywayz, i am sick today kinda but i am still at school. Last night i walked 4 miles to Katie's house in the cold. She got pissed at me for walkin but oh well. I was actually hot because i ran a lot of the way. It was actually kinda fun. I got to think a lot about some stuff. Nothing of importance... but still it was nice to just be able to think while im outside. Oh well.

Im in english class right now and we just got these books on Technical writing. It does not sound fun at all! Oh well. Im not that bad of a writer, so it wont be too bad.

But im outta here. There is nothing else to say, everyone wish me luck about my little "crisis" thing goin on. And hope it gets resolved quickly. And then my December can start!!!!

Well posted by Izz at 12:25 EST
Life has yet again taken another turn for me. I am yet again in a decent mood, I suppose. Women still confuse and puzzle me daily. I want a nice woman really really really bad. But I suppose one is bound to come along eventually, I just want her to come along NOW.

Lets see, tonight I found out my dad purchased a $28,000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT for the psycho bitch. Thank god his name is on the lease, though. So I found that then hung out with Kelly for awhile. Everwood was a rerun which made me very bitter. And I will no longer watch Boston Public. The show has run out of ideas so I'm done with it. Well I'm tired so I go bed now.


chill out man posted by Amy at 12:17 EST
i just wanted to tell you that everything will be okay. YOu don't have anything to worry about because you have the greatest friends in the world...aka me. You are a really cool person. I don't think that i have ever told you how much i think of you. some day you will find the perfect woman, so chill out and relax and enjoy life. How can you not enjoy life when you hang out with us goof balls.
love you favorite person in the whole wide world

Monday December 2nd, 2002

posted by Randy at 02:42 EST
Well so far my December hasnt gone as well as i thought it would. It hasnt been that bad i suppose. But Let me go through my weekend again!!! (the first time i posted about it, i couldnt sent it)

Well Monday i got home from Houston at around 12:00 in the morning and i went to bed. My dad let me sleep in on Tuesday so i didnt go to school until 4th period. We watched the Matrix in 4th, 6th, and 7th. 5th is lunch. So that day went fast. I got home and played Playstation 2 which my brother recently got for his birthday.

Wednesday i didnt really do anything except chill at home and do nothing. I kinda just helped my mother set up for Thanksgiving and do some of my chores. So Wednesday was boring.

Thanksgiving was awesome as usual.. my family came over and we had some funny conversations at the dinner table and such. My brother and I ended up spending the night at my cousins house. We watched Mr. Deeds and ate some more.

Friday i went to the mall to look for ideas for what i want for Christmas and to also get ideas on what to buy people for Christmas. Then we came home and since i am addicted to Playstation 2 i played that some more.

Saturday was amazing, my family came over again to celebrate mine and my brothers birthday's. His was The 24th of November and mine is the 6th of December so we just have one family birthday. I played some pool and such, then got presents. i got..

1. 2 sticks of 256 MB memory for my computer
2. Grand Theft Auto III
3. Medal of Honor Frontline
4. Golf Galaxy Gift certificates
5. Best Buy gift certificates
6. a CD player

Also my best birthday present was Katie coming home from Atlanta. She came over on Saturday night with my family. I missed her soo much.

Sunday i cleaned my gutters on my roof and put up Christmas lights, it was COLD! But i got 40$ for it so it wasnt that bad. After i was done with that Katie and i went to her house and watched some football, then we went to get her aunt from work and later watched some of Tin Cup. My favorite movie of all time.

Today i get to school and i think it is gonna be a good day... So i get called down to the office during first period and apparently my IT teacher wrote me up for playing games, so i got a Saturday school. It sucked real bad. I have never got a Saturday before.

But i guess i am gonna go... im hopin my december gets better. It should, my birthday is friday and then after that there is a Friday the 13th so it should be alright. Talk to you all later.

Sunday December 1st, 2002

Bored posted by Izz at 03:15 EST
So I am bored out of my mind at the moment. Kelly is suppost to call and we'll go out to lunch. She tried earlier but I was in the shower. We'll see if she calls again. I decided to add some holiday cheer to the website, so I added some falling snow. I'll add a little thing so you can take it away eventually. But I don't have the time right now.

So posted by Izz at 01:23 EST
I have chosen to ignore the Quote of the Day for today because it didn't work for me. If anything, I'm in an even WORSE mood today. I'm very bitter about many things today. For one, I wake up and my father and the bitch have already put up all of our Christmas decorations. This has always been a tradition in my house that I help out. It's always been me who has put out the X-Mas decorations with my family. Apparently this doesn't apply anymore.

I really do wish my friends would start reading this website more often. Not because I want them to visit, but because I'm not a verbal person. For example, I am very upset right now, but none of my friends know it. This is because I don't express my feelings very well. I do so only on this website, for some reason it's easier to get my feelings out on paper.

I've also been thinking a lot about faith lately. One quote comes to mind, "I can't say I believe in god. If, in fact, I ever find out that he does indeed exist, I think I'll stay away from him, because if he's responsible for half the things he gets credit for, he's got to be one mean son of a bitch." This is semi-true regarding my general life at the moment. I don't understand how people can have so much faith in someone who brings so much pain and suffering. How can I believe in god when he has brought me nothing but pain in my life? Yes, I am very well off in my life, and I am grateful for that. I do realize that things can always get worse. Unfortunately, I've learned that the hard way. flood damage repair Afton MN

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I dun know, I'm just not in a very good mood at the moment. And the prospect of going to work does not lighten the situation in the least. Well, I'm going to...I don't know do something or other for the next 3 hours before I have to work.

Saturday November 30th, 2002

New Server posted by Izz at 11:16 EST
K, Kyle had too many people on his server so I decided to help him out and switch. Erik was kind enough to host me for the time being :) I'm going to setup my own server soon. I just have to get the time to do it.

Lets see, yesterday I went to work at 3:30 pm. I worked my ass off for 7 and a half never ending hours. Finally I got off at 11pm. I called my friends and they were at a party and told me to come. So I turned around and came back and went to this guys house. The party Personally I found it rather boring, but hey, that's just my opinion :) Most of the ladies I was there with seemed to have a good time. I got back here around 1am and did some work until around 3. And I just woke up....6 hours later. I think I'm going to be feeling this later on today...

Kelly invited me to go flying with her today, I hope that happens. Then again, this is only her second solo flight, and I personally wouldn't want a friend there with me :) I hope I at least get to see her fly from the ground ;)

Thursday November 28th, 2002

Thanksgiving Continued posted by Izz at 08:15 EST
Well Thanksgiving was just as bad as always, I still hate it with a passion. Now that the bitch is back, she's trying to take control of my fucking life again. She doesn't want me to drive the firebird anymore. She can take her crazy morman beliefs and shove them up her ass. JESUS CHRIST I hate that whore! She thinks she can just waltz back in here and take control again. Well guess what bitch? I'm not going to be so nice this time around. If it comes down to me versus you, I'll win hands down. I can't wait until I graduate. Whether I go to a 4 year college or the community college around here, I'm moving my ass out for the summer. I need to get out of my house ASAP!

Why is it I always get sad around the holiday season? Every year around this time I get sad :*( I have no desire to go to work on Saturday. I mean I have NO desire what so ever. I'm thinking of acting sick tommorow so I can not go Saturday. But at the same time, I don't want to screw everyone at Target over. And I also need money for X-Mas presents.

On a side note, has anyone out there ever met a person that just generally makes you happy? I mean, even the slightest thought regarding this person makes your stomach jump like you're going over the top of a roller coaster. I dunno, maybe it's just me, hehe :) I only have 6 more hours of self-entertainment left before I go to bed. :) Six whole hours of boredome to look forward to...

Thanksgiving posted by Izz at 04:21 EST
I HATE Thanksgiving! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT! If there were one holiday out of the year I could erase, it would be Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving have mostly been bad ones. And the tradition continues this year. Dad and the psycho are back together. And the crazy mormon missionaries are coming over for dinner, OH JOY OH JOY! And since it is a holiday, I probably won't be hanging out with my friends. Which means my weekend is pretty much over. Seeing as I work both tommorow night and saturday night. Oh yipee...I'm thinking of calling off Saturday, but I think I'd probably get fired. Seeing as I'm not on good terms with my boss at the current time as it is. GOD! I hate Thanksgiving and all the hell it brings with it!
Anyhoo, time to attempt to entertain myself for the next.....10 hours. Cya!

Wednesday November 27th, 2002

YAY no school posted by Izz at 12:03 EST
Thank GOD there is no school for the rest of the week. I think I was about to lose my mind if I did any more work. Oh that's right....I don't DO work :) Anyways, dunno what I'm going to do today...Hopefully I'll hang out with friends at some point, hopefulyl tonight. Tommorw is Thanksgiving, my least favorite holiday of the year. I'm definetly not looking forward to it at all. This morning I think I'll vedge out, play some PS2 probably.

It snowed here yesterday. It definetly put me in a really good mood. I'm in my basement at the moment, so I have no way of seeing if it's still on the ground. Last night when I got home from work (at 11:30 I might add) there were a couple inches on the ground. And starting tommorow, the holiday season officially begins! YAY!

Tuesday November 26th, 2002

Work posted by Izz at 04:04 EST
So I have the privilage of working tonight from 4:30 till 11. I'm going to be leaving at 10 though. And if Target doesn't like it, well that's too bad for them.

Kelly and I played PS2 last night for an hour or so. She kicked my ass three times in Need For Speed 2. Then I beat her, she claims it's because she was trying to fix something or other on her screen. We then went to her house and watched Everwood. Which, as usual, was full of family morals.

Tonight I'm going to go to work, then go somewhere and make sure the present I'm getting for my 4 ladies will be nice :) Then I'll probably head home and watch The Osbornes. Maybe I'll get to working on the website a bit, or maybe I'll just play PS2 for two hours then pass out :)


Monday November 25th, 2002

Whats up posted by Kelly at 10:14 EST
Saturday I did my first solo flight and it was really awesome. I loved it!!!!!! I love flying more than anything in the whole world. Well I am going to go play Playstation at Andrew's, so I will talk to you all later. Bye

Sunday November 24th, 2002

Working posted by Izz at 09:15 EST
Well I've been working a lot on the site lately. Mostly stuff that can't be seen. I have two new layouts finished and ready to be rolled out. However, they won't be out for another week or so. I still have a couple pages of code to write :) I also added about 30 quotes to the quote a day list :) I only had tommorow and tuesday left. Anywayz, I'm off for awhile. Laterz